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Uncertain about your journey to Net Zero Carbon status? Arete Zero Carbon has the experience and expertise to help you take decisive action, avoid greenwashing and build a better future.

Helping you to reach Net Zero Carbon

Your experts in NZC.

Arete Zero Carbon is led by one of the UK’s most experienced Net Zero Carbon (NZC) strategists and the founder of the University of Liverpool Zero Carbon Research Initiative, Dr Stephen Finnegan.  He has helped numerous businesses — from SMEs to large corporates to household brands — map and implement the changes they need to achieve Net Zero Carbon.

Thinking big to minimise your impact.

There’s a lot of advice available on how to become Net Zero Carbon, most of it focused on a company’s direct impact. The only way to truly minimise your impact on the planet, is to do things thoroughly, by assessing scopes 1, 2 and 3 via the GHG Protocol.

The journey to Net Zero Carbon will take time and the organisations waiting to see what the next few years bring will find themselves playing catch-up.  By engaging with Arete Zero Carbon now, you can lead the way in your sector, take comfort in knowing the right plan is in place and reap the financial and environmental rewards it brings.


If something is worth doing, it's worth giving it everything. That means bringing energy, positivity and a relentless focus to find solutions to every project, task or relationship we have.


To win together, we need the right results. Everything we do is about making a meaningful and positive contribution to the life and success of others.


When teamwork and loyalty exist within a business, anything is possible. This way of thinking applies to how we approach our own company as well as those we invest in and support.

What to expect

The Arete Code is our way of doing things: a set of core values that shape the experiences we create for staff, entrepreneurs and investors.


It's not what we know; it’s what we do with what we know that counts. Our experiences as entrepreneurs and investors gets put into practice on a daily basis.





“As a global law firm, we have recently taken steps to explore and document our ESG credentials. We see this as essential if we are to continue to improve our own performance and also better support our clients to improve theirs. We appointed Arete Zero Carbon to assist us in understanding, measuring, and evaluating the Scope 3 carbon impact of our entire value chain. It has been a huge learning journey, and we now find ourselves perfectly positioned, and with a clearly defined path, to improve our approach and achieve our ambitions."

Iain Johnston
Chief Operating Officer at Hill Dickinson LLP

“Exertis are pleased to announce a partnership with Arete Zero Carbon to help our business to achieve Net Zero Carbon. Exertis are one of the UK&I's largest and fastest growing technology distribution and specialist service providers. We partner with 700+ global technology brands and over 13,000 resellers, e-commerce operators and retailers. We know we need to do more to reduce our carbon footprint and it is for this reason that we have appointed the industry experts. We look forward to working with Stephen and his team"

Rod McCarthy
MD at Exertis

"We have appointed Arete Zero Carbon to help our business to achieve Net Zero Carbon. As the world’s largest IT distributor, we know we have a special responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. It is therefore essential that we accurately measure and mitigate our carbon footprint as soon as possible. Working with Steven and the team at Arete Zero Carbon has been the partnership we needed in the UK&I. They have given us clarity at every step, injected pace to our process & educated & informed us along the way. They have been the critical factor in our progress, and we have loved working with the team."

David Watts
SVP and MD at Tech Data

“Arete Zero Carbon are working in collaboration with Jigsaw24 on our route to becoming Net Zero Carbon. I consider Stephen to be one of the foremost experts in this area and we are excited to be working with him and his team. As the UK’s leading Apple reseller, it is important that we lead by example and partner with the best, hence our partnership with Arete Zero Carbon”

Roger Whittle
CEO at Jigsaw24

“The route to becoming Net Zero Carbon (NZC) is a significant challenge for all businesses and Softcat is taking the matter seriously. The Softcat team are working with Dr Finnegan to develop a plan and strategy that will enable them to consider and mitigate their own footprint and that of others in their entire supply chain. This should be commended as when the strategy is implemented, Softcat will be market leaders in this space”

Al Wynn
Operations Director at Softcat

"N2S are working in partnership with Arete Zero Carbon and Dr Stephen Finnegan to deliver Net Zero Carbon plans and strategies to numerous IT related clients. Their approach to delivering a strategy and plan is market leading and it’s a real pleasure to work with Dr Finnegan and his team. So much so, we have committed to achieving Net Zero Carbon and we will commission Arete Zero Carbon to deliver this”

Andrew Gomarsall MBE
Chairman at N2S

"For decades now I have been championing energy management in UK business through the House of Lords. We have reached a new turning point and Net Zero Carbon (NZC) will lead the way in transforming all UK business. Steve and I recently delivered a NZC strategic vision day with the senior management of a major UK construction company. Steve was instrumental in demystifying the complexity of assessing the supply chain carbon impact of their business, which will now enabled them to move forward with a plan to becoming NZC”

Lord Redesdale
Member of the House of Lords

September 1, 2023

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