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At Arete Zero Carbon, we recognise the significance of empowering and educating students about their future careers. We take pride in adding value to local communities by offering annual student internships. From the very first day, students who join us can work on real-life projects and share their ideas. Throughout their year-long placements, our students gain a deep understanding of our work and make valuable contributions to the projects we deliver. Over the past 12 months, we have had two exceptional students join our data team: Sam Thom and Sam Jenkins. Read about their experiences working with us below.

Read about our 2023 Student Interns' experiences at Arete Zero Carbon

Arete Zero Carbon Recruitment

Sam Thom is a Marine Biology student at The University of Salford who is entering his final year after completing his work with us and returning from Fiji, where he participated in a conservation project. Here’s what Sam had to say about his time as a junior data analyst with us.

"I had a fantastic experience during my recent placement as an intern in the data team at Arete Zero Carbon! Throughout my time there, I had the opportunity to develop a wide range of invaluable computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Excel, PowerBI, and PowerPoint, among others. Additionally, I honed my communication skills and gained firsthand insight into the dynamics of working in an office environment, collaborating with leaders from prominent multinational companies daily.

Despite being an intern, I quickly discovered that my role held substantial responsibility within the team, which grew steadily with each passing week. Working closely with a small yet highly capable team, I had the privilege of being involved in every aspect of the carbon reduction projects, from their initial stages right through to completion. This hands-on involvement provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the entire process.

One aspect that truly stood out during my time at Arete Zero Carbon was the incredible camaraderie within the team. Each member was friendly, accommodating, and genuinely enthusiastic about their work. This positive atmosphere fostered the formation of remarkable friendships, and I look forward to staying in touch with my colleagues in the future.

In my opinion, this placement offers an amazing opportunity for any student with an interest in climate science, data analysis, or the environment. I wholeheartedly recommend joining the team at Arete Zero Carbon. Their commitment to tackling climate change is truly inspiring, and the experience gained here is unparalleled." - Sam Thom

Sam Jenkins is a Mathematics with Finance student at Liverpool John Moores University. He will be heading into his final year of university after enjoying some well-deserved time off. Here’s what Sam had to say about his time as a junior data analyst with us.

"My year-long placement at Arete Zero Carbon has been a truly transformative experience, significantly influencing both my career aspirations and personal growth. Right from day one, I found myself immersed in a dynamic work environment that not only allowed me to apply the knowledge acquired during my studies but also provided an incredible opportunity for me to delve into a field I had little prior exposure to – climate change and environmental science. Throughout the year, I've absorbed a wealth of knowledge in this subject area, and this newfound expertise has been instrumental in broadening my horizons.

During my placement, I had the privilege of being part of a wide array of projects, each offering a unique insight into various facets of our work. This exposure pushed me to hone my personal and professional skillsets.

What truly made this experience exceptional was the warm and accommodating team at Arete Zero Carbon. Their friendliness and willingness to support newcomers made the process of integrating into a new work environment seamless.

Overall, I consider this placement to be an incredible opportunity, one that has expanded my knowledge, skills, and network, and for which I am deeply grateful to have been a part of." - Sam Jenkins

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Arete Zero Carbon Recruitment

Read about our 2023 Student Interns' experiences at Arete Zero Carbon

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